Saturday, August 2, 2008

Meet our Staff -- Abbey!

Abbey’s favorite children’s book is Old Hat, New Hat, by the Berensteins. To this day, she loves to recite the line “Too beady, too bumpy, too leafy, too lumpy, too twisty, too twirly, too wrinkly, too curly” whenever it is appropriate (and equally as often when it is not appropriate). The rhyming is great, but more importantly, the message is something that resonates for years. The story recognizes that when something is “just right,” it can be as fulfilling and wonderful as any new and shiny thing. Truer words were never spoken, whether about relationships or material things. She has also developed a love of children’s books from the Green Tiger Press, as the colors and pictures always make for such amazing renditions of classic stories. When not at Alphabet Soup, Abbey enjoys spending time with her two cats, Elliot and Evan. She sings them a “good morning” song every day.

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sophia said...

i love that book. i remember reading old hat, new hat over and over as a child. thanks for the nice reminder about this old favorite of mine.