Friday, January 23, 2009

Blog Buzz

What fun is having a blog if you're not also checking out other blogs? I found Jeremy's Vanishing New York and check it out several times a week. I grew up in New Jersey so Manhattan was my first, and has remained my main, impression of a City and What It Should Be. For me, most others (besides maybe London) pale in comparison. NYC is near and dear to my heart in so many ways and for so many reasons. The ties are strong. This blog, in addition to being a sad paean to my first Real City, also echoes a theme I've watched unfold in so many cities where I've lived...the gentrification and homogenization that obliterates the charm and character of neighborhoods, and ultimately entire cities. I think someone could do a blog about Vanishing Seattle. Many places I've known have already disappeared in just the nearly 6 years I've lived here; my friends who were born and grew up in the area really have something to mourn. There's something else about the blog, something else I think about when I surf through its photographs and the heartfelt postings. I like to think that Alphabet Soup will be a place that people look back upon fondly. I know families have been shopping here since we opened 4 years ago, and some of our younger friends have been coming here their entire life! And I hope they may continue to for years to come, and that someday the Soup earns its spot among places that are reasons people love Seattle.

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