Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sing, Sing a Song...

One of my favorite classes at school was music. Everyone could participate. I don't remember there being any particular hierarchy who was smarter than whom, which group got finished first, and all that -- we just sang. Sometimes we played instruments. I was quite the triangle afficianado, a career I sort of regret not pursuing.

In general, I love our vintage book collection. But in particular, I love the music books that were used as textbooks in grammar schools. I haven't yet found the one they used at my school -- back in that small quaint town in New Jersey, so many years ago I've lost count -- but flipping through the ones I have found still brings back memories of music class. From holiday celebrations; traditional songs; songs in French (very simple, mind you); to learning essentials such as how to tell time, the importance of sharing, manners, and other life lessons, there seemed to be a song for every occasion.

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