Sunday, November 16, 2008

Robert Sabuda's New Pop-Up: Peter Pan!

Own the first edition of another of Sabuda's classic collectible pop-ups! Who could resist the joy of Peter Pan? And now the classic story comes to life in this incredible pop-up book. Master paper engineer Robert Sabuda creates Peter’s world for the reader to leap into: Tinkerbell flies, pirates pop, mermaids sunbathe, and ships spring up with masts that sway in the breeze. It's sure to become one of your favorites!

We are also taking special orders for the special limited edition, which has green cloth boards, comes with a slip case, and is signed and numbered by the author. There are only 250 of these available from the publisher, and retail cost is $250.00. Another special edition of 26, lettered A to Z, were retained by the author.

About Robert Sabuda: Robert grew up in the Pinckney, a small rural town in southeastern Michigan. He saw his first pop-up book as a child during a visit to the dentist's office -- all terror at the impending dental work dissolved when he opened the covers and the images leaped out at him! He made his first pop-ups out of manila folders his mother brought home from work. After graduating he moved to New York City to study art at Pratt Institute. He interned at a publishing house and was inspired by original artwork submitted by Barbara Cooney, Thomas Locker and James Marshall, among others. After working for a time as a picture-book illustrator, he focused his attention on teaching himself paper engineering, to create the beloved classic collectibles we all love. Find out more here.

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