Saturday, November 8, 2008

Why Brodart?

Why Brodart?

What in the heck is Brodart? And why do we use Brodart book jacket covers on our books?
The shiny covers you see on the books we sell protect the jacket covers, which are designed to protect the book underneath. So often, we find books with worn out book jackets (or “dust jackets”), but they have done such a great job, the book underneath them is in nearly new condition! The jacket really helps protect the book underneath from scratches, bumps and tears. On top of that, a jacket cover can protect your book – and the jacket – even more! The shiny covers help protect your favorite books, so they can be passed along rather than tossed out when they are too worn out. And we all have our favorite stories we’d like to save.

A Brodart book jacket cover is complementary when you purchase a book at Alphabet Soup. If it’s not already covered, just ask and we can cover the jacket before you leave the store. Bring in favorites from your personal collection & we’ll Brodart them for you, for $1.95 per book.

Here’s some background, from the Brodart website:
Book Jacket Covers were created in 1939 by Arthur Brody, founder of Brodart Co. Arthur Brody studied architectural photography at Columbia University, and one day after washing the emulsion off some film, he folded it around some books for added protection. When the covers' popularity grew among fellow students, the plastic book jacket cover was born. Today, Brodart book jacket covers are used to protect original paper jackets of library books, giving them a longer shelf life..” They are also popular with collectors, or anyone who wants to keep their books pristine for years to come.

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