Thursday, March 12, 2009

What was the First Book You Ever Read?

The first book I remember reading, and thinking to myself, "hey, I am reading!" was Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff. I even remember where I was -- in our sun-filled playroom, sitting in my rocking chair. I was 4 -- the first "generation" of kids to watch Sesame Street and I'm certain that was the main reason I was the only kid in my kindergarten class who could read! The other main reason was my mother, who had my sister and I enrolled in every book club -- the I Can Read Club, the Dr. Seuss Beginning Books Book Club, the Parents' Magazine Press Book Club -- and we could always choose books from the Scholastic catalog.
Danny and the Dinosaur, still in print, was part of the I Can Read Book Club. 40 years later, "I Can Read" is still going strong, still published in hard cover and paperback, and divided into "Levels" depending on a child's reading ability. Many publishers have similar "learning to read" series, modeled on I Can Read.
What is the first book you remember reading on your own?


Paul said...

Just wanted to say hello and congratulations on opening the store. I'll try to stop in soon.
Best of luck,
Paul Schmid

Leah said...

The first book I remember reading was Inside Outside Upside Down. I remember the lightbulb going on and saying out loud "I'm reading this!!!" I even remember who I was talking to and the room I was in. I think I even have the book still somewhere......

Then later I remember trying to read Babar and being frustrated by the cursive font. :)